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Be Careful What You Click

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I have been saving toward 740K free XP, I had over 600K free XP saved.  I am also going down the IJN BB line.

I was on the phone only half paying attention (my fault) and was clicking around looking at how much normal XP I needed to unlock the upgrades for the Amagi.  As I was not really paying attention
and for other reasons I do not understand I clicked "research" on one of them.  This caused it to research both that module and it's dependent module (I didn't know that was a thing, I only remember clicking research once).  At any rate, I don't know exactly how much Free XP I just spent but in my notifications I have "Module Researched Type 8 mod 2" and "Module Researched Amagi Hull B".

Between the two of them...it was a lot of free XP.

WG, I know I am dumb dumb and this is my fault but....ctrl-z...it's a thing.  I didn't want to spend that free XP and humans make mistakes. :(

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