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[TF-62] Recruiting! Looking for active and highly motivated Captains

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Task Force 62 [TF-62] is looking for casual and competitive players who are active to join our ranks. We choose to remain a smaller clan in order to maintain the personal feel that comes with close knit group gaming (we see it as having an extended family since many of us have either met each other or know each other in real life) however we have many other allied clans that we will play with consistently. 

While statistics are nice, we prefer to have players that will be active, available to battle (clan or casual), are drama free, but most importantly are wanting to just have fun in this great video game expanse with people of the same interests.  If you're an active player and are concerned about statistics but unsure how to break that barrier, we offer training sessions, based on your skill set and play style, to hone your skills in order to get the most from your vessel of choice. 

We are a clan of adults who are commercial and military of background. Given most of our flexible schedules, we play all times of the day and week, but often together each evening. We are competitive in clan, ranked, and have casual game nights where we sync drop or open a training room and run Tier 1s at each other. 


What's in it for me?

Great question! Like with most clans by now, we have maxed out port so you get all of those normal benefits. But mostly TF-62 is a place where you can unwind after a long day, sip on your drink of choice, division up, and expect to have a good time. We don't always win battles, but we definitely have a blast (pun intended) sailing together.  


During clan and ranked battles we are competitive and always looking to climb the ranks. 


Do I have to have a tier 10 ship to join?

Absolutely not. If you're still learning or grinding but want to contribute to our clan, feel free to apply and send Gunslinger (our CO) a message in game. We will be happy to communicate and assist you with getting those final frustrating tiers. 


What communication tools do you use?

We communicate through Discord and have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1748481465450293/?ref=bookmarks


If you have any further questions please feel free to message Gunslinger_97, Battleborn, or myself in game. 


Happy sailing and hope to see you on the waters soon!

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