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MY Coop stats: Massachusetts Vs Bismarck

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I am a big fan of the USS Massachusetts, and in my mind, I compare the fun I have in her versus two other Tier 8 ships: the USS Alabama, and the German battleship the Bismarck.

Until today, the Bismarck was my second most played ship of all, except for the mighty Yamato, where I have almost 2,000 battles in Coop. Today, I tied the Bismarck total games played number at 1,044 battles, with the Massachusetts,  and decided to do a stats comparison.  Again, I mainly play coop (have only 169 battles in Random with the Bismarck, for a camo quest I think, and zero in the Massachusetts.)  

But I'm only counting my coop stats here to not muddy my numbers. BOTH ships have 19 point captains with full secondary builds.  Bismarck has the 4pts for Concealment, Mass has IFHE instead. 

Since I have two constants here: (same player*) and same # of coop battles I thought the results *might* be interesting.   I am hopeful some other forum user will do something similar with the Massachusetts vs the Alabama soon. I'd be curious as to what happens when the German turtleback armor is not a factor.

Here are my first stats on the number of kills between the two ships, the Massachusetts has 348 more kills, meaning the Bismarck had only just over 80% of the Massachusetts kills in 1044 games.


I was wondering also about victories and avg. damage, so those numbers are here below.  I had 67 more victories in the Mass over the Bismarck.   The Mass winning percentage was right at 97%, and the Bismarck was 90.5 %, or 91% rounded up.   I was also surprised the Mass did 75 more avg. damage/earned experience? per game, and at 642 is an exact tie with another of my favorite ships: the Tier 10 G. Kurfurst.   That truly surprised me. And made me happy, I admit.


I apologize for the next image being so large, but it contained the detailed stats (and I'm embarrassed by a lot of them, (!).  I'm clearly not a great player by any stretch, but again my quality as a player should be a constant*)  The top results are the Bismarck, bottom is Big Mamie.


I was surprised again by the data: the Massachusetts shot down 4,653 planes more than the Bismarck, with the Bis getting only 41% of the Mass's kills. (please check my math throughout, I suck at math worse than I do at Random mode). I suspect this is the USN line's AA strength coming through.

Further the Mass won on my "best game" on all categories: Experience, Damage, # Ships destroyed, and # Aircraft shot down.   The only thing the Bismarck won at was % Main battery hits (46% vs Mass's 43%) which I'll attribute to either the Mass's poor dispersion sigma, or my aging eyes.   The Bismarck did not survive battles nearly as much as the Massachusetts ( 52% vs 57%).   That is of course a part of my playstyle, I yolo a bit to get in close and brawl and often ram a final kill if I am dying and team is winning. If @AdmiralThunder is on my team, I usually win too :)

You may have noticed I put an asterisk next to ME being a constant.  It is indeed possible that I have gotten better as a player from the time I mainly played the Bismarck (mostly last year or even the year before) to the more recent timeframe where I mainly play the Massachusetts.  But, since I'm a part of coop play, that would also mean ALL of coop got better at the same time.  I just don't see that happening in my own gameplay experience, in fact the only real improvement I've seen is in the AI of the bots...so my stats should have gone down, not up.  And further, as a "senior" here, my eyesight has indeed gotten a little worse over the past couple of years so again, you could make a case for my overall gameplay going downhill a little. 

Anyway thanks for reading this, and getting this far. I thought I had a good opportunity to show MY stats for a couple of Tier 8 brawlers, with great secondaries and each at over 1,000 games. They are two of the most fun ships in the game. if you don't own I'd gently suggest you get them.  As you can see, for me, the Massachusetts is the way to go, but of course YMMV.

Now, could somebody please do an Alabama vs Mass long term test? I'm really interested, but mine is in drydock now, and I don't take her out any more.

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About 6 months ago co-op changed the MM, so that it included CVs and BBs to fill empty slots (which probably explains your survival, and win rate.)  The fact that you're racking up more kills, means you're doing better (at least with the Mass v. Bismarck.)

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What about a comparison with the Tirpitz? Seems like the torps could be a deciding factor. Especially in Co-op.

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Interesting post. Will see what I can come up with for you later. Got stuff to do here today but maybe later this evening or tomorrow I can check the stats for you.

I suspect you win plenty of games without me LOL. You are a good player. :Smile_honoring:

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Great comparison.  Right now I consider the Mass the most fun ship in the game.  My eyes go wide whenever I get a Tier 8 game in her.  1 on 1, there are very few ships in the game that concern me.

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I decided to grab the info this morning real quick so I don't forget. I don't have the games #'s you do in the MA or Bismarck (I play so many lines and ship types I don't build games played in single ships fast - don't even have 100 games in either of them) but will give my info anyway. Will add Alabama info as you asked and someone suggested adding Tirpitz info to sort of round it out so I will do that too FWIW...

Note - I run my AA spec (AFT/BFT) 19pt Montana Capt on Alabama and MA. Alabama gets AAGM2 and MA gets SBM2. Bismarck doesn't get played much anymore (was my 2nd ever T8 a LONG time ago). As I recall my Capt was around 14 pts or so when I played it and had AFT/BFT and I went SBM2 on it. My current Capt is 13pts and has AFT/BFT and SBM2. Tirpitz gets my 19pt GK Capt with AFT/BFT/MAA and I run SBM2.


  • Battles - 30
  • Wins - 30 (100%)
  • Survived - 26 (87%)
  • Avg XP - 709
  • Avg Damage - 71,637
  • Avg Kills - 1.70
  • Avg Planes Down - 7.13
  • MBHR - 33%
  • High XP - 1241
  • High Damage - 134,266
  • High Kills - 4
  • High Planes Down - 36


  • Battles - 86
  • Wins - 81 (94%)
  • Survived - 69 (80%)
  • Avg XP - 697
  • Avg Damage - 78,384
  • Avg Kills - 1.31
  • Avg Planes Down - 9.36
  • MBHR - 35%
  • High XP - 1205
  • High Damage - 173,476
  • High Kills - 3
  • High Planes Down - 48


  • Battles - 71
  • Wins - 69 (97%)
  • Survived - 52 (73%)
  • Avg XP - 617
  • Avg Damage - 71,965
  • Avg Kills - 1.56
  • Avg Planes Down - 4.03
  • MBHR - 38%
  • High XP - 998
  • High Damage - 156,118
  • High Kills - 4
  • High Planes Down - 35


  • Battles - 113
  • Wins - 106 (94%)
  • Survived - 94 (83%)
  • Avg XP - 721
  • Avg Damage - 87,724
  • Avg Kills - 1.97
  • Avg Planes Down - 4.69
  • MBHR - 36%
  • Torpedo HR - 36%
  • High XP - 1179
  • High Damage - 197,651
  • High Kills - 5
  • High Planes Down - 33

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