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Things on the Isokaze's stern

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What are these things? My friends and I tried to think of what they were. We've ruled out midget submarines (These are too small), Kaiten (They didn't have those "wings" and were built too late), and depth charges (They don't have those "wings" either).

Does anyone have any sort of idea?


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46 minutes ago, Lert said:

Paravanes. Many ships have them.

Used for minesweeping. In WW I a large number of DDs had these and swept the main battle fleets into and out of harbor by sweeping in a V formation at speed ahead of the big boys to open up a swept channel. DDs were considered expendable so if one of them hit a mine...well, drop a launch and pick up the crew and keep on steaming...The RN had half of their standard A to I class fleet DDs equipped with these before WW II. They were replaced with ASW weapons once the RN realized that they were useless and dedicated minesweepers were a better bargain

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