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Is there a way to buy coal effectively? (Alaska related)

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With release of Alaska coming up, I'm well short of any coal requirement she may have.   If she's a free xp ship that's fine, I can just convert.  Plenty of elite ship xp to convert.   But if she's sold for coal, is there a way to buy that so I can just buy her?

Honestly I have all 3 of the Tier 9 Free XP ships so far and never play them, so I'm not sure why I'm interested in Alaska. . . but still.

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I hoarded enough coal (along with 25% coupon) to get Musashi. I'm now at around 70,000 coal but this time around it's much harder since the only way to get it is daily missions which can earn you a total of 400 a day. If you choose "Additional Resources" crates you can receive 400 to 800 in a crate if your lucky. At this rate it's a very slow process.
Hopefully they will introduce a new even that rewards larger amount of coal.    

If you have any steel you can trade it for 10X coal too. 

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