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[][EN] Gun calibers in millimeters and inches

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Gun calibers in millimeters and inches

WoWS displays gun and torpedo caliber sizes in millimeters only, with Gun calibers in millimeters and inches you can see them in inches as well. The mod is also available with Lady Commander names from Garfield’s mod collection.

The mod is included in Aslain's mod pack.

Installation - if you are not using Aslain's installer:

  1. Download the mod from here: Gun calibers in millimeters and inches
  2. Make sure that the version of the mod and the version of the WoWS game client you are running are the same: 'Gun calibers in millimeters and inches N.N.N.N vX.zip' works only with game client version N.N.N.N
  3. Unzip the mod
  4. Copy the 'global.mo' file from the mod to the '...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\N.N.N.N\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES' folder. (You have to create these sub-folders if they do not exist. The compressed file contains the directory tree for your convenience.)


  1. Delete or move the 'global.mo' file from the '...\World_of_Warships\res_mods\N.N.N.N\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES' folder.


  • The original standard 'global.mo' file is in the '...\World_of_Warships\res\texts\en\LC_MESSAGES' folder, do not move it or change it in any way.
  • The mod is available in English only. [EN]
  • The mod does not remove or replace the original metric gun or torpedo calibers shown in millimeters or centimeters (you need the metric values for penetration and over-match calculations), it just puts them in brackets, and inserts the caliber sizes in inches in front of them - please see the screenshot snippets attached.
  • The mod is not code, it will not slow your game down or make it crash, it is an enhanced compiled translation file.
  • The mod is completely legal, and it will not help you win more battles or sink more enemy ships.
  • New guns on new ships will get added but once in the game they don't change. However, the gun caliber values are stored in the global text file and for this reason the mod has to be updated every time the global text file changes. This means every new patch or release, every time Wargaming adds or changes any texts displayed in the game, even though the changes got nothing to do with gun calibers, like new campaigns, operations, collectibles, ships, etc. you name it. This was the reason the previous developers of this mod faced so many difficulties trying to keep the mod up-to-date. I wrote a script to do it, time will tell how it will hold up to all the curve-balls Wargaming will throw at it.


p.s. By the way, the US was one of the original 17 countries who signed the 'Treaty of the Meter' in 1875. So, who is to blame for the obvious failure of the US to adopt the metric system? No, not the Russians. It happened because of British PIRATES! (<- Not kidding. Click on the link to read up on it.) Technically they were 'privateers' supported by His Majesty's government, therefore us Canadians undeniably share some responsibility. We are truly sorry.



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I think that all gun calibers should be displayed in both by default.  This would be a good change as most of the guns in the US are presented in inches, where elsewhere there are the metric presentations.


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