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I have been having major issues trying to play WOWS's so after 3 or so days, I decided to uninstall and reinstall. Now it will not install, or anywhere near 1/4.

It ;ocls my New MSI GE73 Raider RGB gaming laptop 1 month old.

I've been trying to install the War Ships Game for about 4 hours and after uninstalling and reinstalling, no change always the same.
prior to doing this, I wasn't able to login as the game just froze up completely as well as my laptop. 

Am I locked out or something as it was working fine a couple days ago?



2018-10-04 (1).png


2018-10-04 (2).png

DxDiag_Oct 4 2018_Gary_Bourget_game_and_laptop_Crash.txt

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Clock speed of the processor looks a lil slow but your system seems to otherwise meet the requirements. What appears to be happening is the download is getting stopped or blocked by either a firewall or your ISP. So it might be worth looking into that. It also appears that your NVIDIA graphics driver is a version or two behind. Version 416.16 came out today so it might be worth updating those.

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4 hours ago, Vlad_D_Imaplor said:

Thank you for providing information. Still, please create a ticket, copy your topic or make description of the issue and attach this folder (C:\Games\World_of_Warships\logs) to help support with investigation.

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