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A suggestion for West Virginia-44 and colorado (Reposted)

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First off I would like to say that i am very grateful of the fact that WG actually Tries to fix issues and make the player base happy (Unlike Gajin, EA, and many others) and granted its not perfect, its nice that they are trying.

So with all the West Virginia Threads going around I figured i would give my impute on it as Colorado is one of my favorite ships with about 342 games in it as of this post and i want what is best for the class.

I would recommend the following: Suggestion

1: Give the Colorado the Marylands 1945 Hull with the 5'38"s and buff the sigma back to 2.0 instead of 1.9/1.8.

2: Add WV-44 as ether a Free XP ship or a Premium ship and give it the Massachusetts Treatment, this would be the following: Give it a lower Sigma of ether 1.8 or 1.7 and also raise the reload to 32 seconds instead of Colorado's 30, Give it a Slightly weaker heal then Colorado only with a 60-50 second cooldown instead of 80 and the same Damage control party, Give it better performing secondaries with the +40% to Accuracy and a longer range, Give it an Improved Torpedo Belt as that was one of the main reasons it is so much wider, (I'd say around 45-50% instead of the 37% or so of Colorado)

3 Make the current WV-41 be Maryland 1941, I understand this means some Changes to the 3D Model but this would work best because then the whole class would be in the game instead of 2 of the same ship.

I may have missed some things here but I feel this would make the Colorado and West virginia-1944 Balance Pretty well as they would have the Same secondaries and would have Comparable AA with these hulls.

this would be the Colorado C hull:



and this would be West Virginia-1944 (Obviously)




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