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Pelicans Cossack Analysis

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So I played a few rounds in this thing last night. Set it up with a 19 point captain and all the bells and Whistles. 

Its a good boat for the right players and playing style. New Players will hate it. Anyone with an Asashio will hate it since it will hunt you down and you wont be able to do anything about it but run. 5.5km detection!!! 8 dd guns... I was hunting Akizukis last night and they weren't happy. Gonna get some more rounds in tonight with it after I hopefully Finish Ranked Battles. But So far I like it. Any recommendations on builds?

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Dynamo brings out it's full potential. I am Averaging 7,000 Free XP per battle and around 40,000 Captains XP (go Bert).


Very good results every time. Just slap on flags and camo and shazam! 8 quick firing guns is nice.

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