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World of Warships Update Issues

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Alright world of warships, I know that you're making a game and that when making a game, you need to push out updates, but these updates are nearly constant, and unfortunately, something about your launcher throttles my wifi or so I've read, because when at my apartment, I have much slower wifi ( i typically get below a hundred ping and can stay connected to an online game and have few to no issues playing it) and yet, I can never download your updates. like, right now the speed test says I have 30+ Mbps internet speeds, and yet I cannot update the game. the error message pops up saying: "Unable to download updates. Please check your internet connection and try again." I'm only able to download updates when I visit my family ( they have 100 Mbps internet). I know it's not my computer and  (shouldn't ) be my wifi because I have no issues whatsoever updating war thunder. This is an issue I've been having for over a year, please fix this. 

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