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Game Client Freeze when going AFK - Caused by mismatched resolution?

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  • Issue: The game client will freeze when a player has been AFK for a period of time (I believe long enough for screensaver to kick in) and the client is maximized. ALT + TAB no  longer works and there is no way to CTRL + ALT + DELETE and close the game. This most often happens when I walk away while in port or at the battle result screen. The nearest I can tell, this happens for me when the resolution of the game does not match the resolution of the monitor. I am running a Samsung 4K monitor and was constantly having this problem with the screen set to 2560x1440. When UI scaling / 4K support was released, I switched to 3840x2160 and the problem disappeared completed. In the last two weeks, I switched back to 2560x1440 because of a performance issue with frames suddenly stuttering at 4K and the freezing started again. 


  • Expected Result: The client should not freeze regardless of how long you've been AFK
  • How to Replicate: Set a 4K monitor for 2560x1440 and walk away for 30 minutes. Is the port frozen when you return?
  • Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: It's really hard to screenshot this type of bug because it requires me to be inactive. 


Ryzen 7 1700
Nvidia 1080Ti

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