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USS Ling SS-297 possibly now beyond repair due to Vandals

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USS Ling's hard times just became harder.

Ling already had money issues among other things:

Well...now it is worse


In August 2018, Vandals were able to cut through the locks on the sub's hatches. Four bronze plaques dedicated to those sailors lost in submarines during WW2 were stolen. If that wasn't enough, the Vandals also opened the bilge valves, allowing water into the sub. The sub, as it is sitting on mud, did not sink, but several feet of water did flood the interior, likely destroying artifacts inside.


As the group was already trying to raise funds to relocate and preserve the Ling (and was not doing as well in fund raising as they had hoped), this act may have just ended that effort.

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I agree with the poster above. These vandals should have gotten stuck inside and drowned, suffocated or otherwise died for this crime.

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