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Musings from Miskatonic University. Go Squids!!

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So Friday night was a major lesson in patience and calm temperament. It was an uphill battle all evening just to get anything accomplished. I was working towards getting enough points for the Lightning, and trying to get enough sovereigns to maybe pick up the Gallant as well. However, magic was afoot in almost every battle! I saw a bot BB miraculously slide away from two salvos of torps (not mine), while in the narrow strait of Two Brothers! I saw a bot Massachusetts make a turn so tight in a cap, that I was wondering if somewhere in time Hell was freezing over and pigs were flying. Things were definitely in the Twilight Zone. On top of it all, I was TK'd by newbie in a T7 DD and had to sit out most of the game just reassuring him that I wasn't mad. At least he didn't blame me for it! I was also TK'd by a BB who sidled up right along side of me and took half my HP. He didn't even apologize. Fortunately I was in the Giulio Cesare and was able to recover a good portion with RP and survive the battle. All in all it was a strange and weary night.

But good things come in the morning! Saturday has been a very productive day. I managed to procure the Gallant and finally reach the Lightning as well. So with all the RN containers that I've managed to earn (I did buy the first 5), I now have all 4 tech tree RN DDs, plus the Gallant. I'm hoping to build some decent points for my captains and build up a fair amount of ship XP for each before they revert to normal or elite status in October.

Today has also brought me one step closer to completing the American Cruiser collection. It has been a long and arduous process of attempting to complete this collection without purchasing any containers. I'm hoping that my first container tomorrow will either give me that coveted final turret or at least the 5th duplicate. We'll see. 

So I leave you with this. May all your matches be balanced and may RNGesus smile upon you.

RN DDs2018-09-29 (10).png


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Well at least it all turned out well for you, OP. I would have to do the math on what I've got right now, but just a rapid mental calculation tells me that all the mission crates including the T7-8 ones plus five bought would indeed get you Gallant.

Well done on that, and well done on getting all four of the earlybirds too. I got T5-6 in two nights right at the start, then nothing; I am hoping that luck will change sometime in the next fornight.

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