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Premium Gifts

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Was thinking it would be nice as a commander of a clan if I could get special discounts to send as gifts to my clan members.  All the specials for premium ships I get I already have. Some people just cant afford to dish out the money needed to make the game a little easier to advance up the tech tree.  Im not brimming over with cash either.  Even maybe Do a task as a commander to reward them.  I would even give up some flags/camos to my guys that are struggling.

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+1 for thinking about others. This is a good idea.

My only concern is that it would be fairly arbitrary how they got handed out. There would be favoritism and cliquishness. But since it's only a game and the rewards would be (I assume) fairly minor, I think that's probably fine.

Another way to do it would be to have special missions tha you complete by playing battles Divisioned with clan mates that give a better reward to the struggling player. Like 5 camos to the player with fewer battles or fewer ships in Port and one camo to the other player (s). This would take away the "popularity contest" factor.

I know some people will complain "you are punishing those who aren't in a clan." I think of it as "rewarding those who join a clan to improve themselves."

Whatever the criticisms of this idea, and whatever the reasons against it, I applaud you @SunTzu71 for thinking about how to help others get ahead and not just worrying about yourself.


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