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The road back up from a hiatus is not easy—there are oftentimes new ships and new tactics that one must learn to counter, as well as relearn how to sail older ships, especially those that heavily punish mistakes.

So after 40 days of not really any serious random battles, I finally decided (after a very productive day IRL—went to the gym for the first time in a month, for instance) to suck it up and go for it this night, first solo, then divving with @Dion__0_0ll and @khaenn35 later on—gratitude for them for all their support and banter.

Relearning The Old (Or, Trying to Fast-BB Again)

First ships I took out were Iowa and Missouri. These two beauties are great when played properly, but they are absolutely ruthless about punishing mistakes.

And boy, was it a tough time remembering how to properly sail them (with all due apologies to my teams in those battles). First 1-2 battles in both of them, I completely forgot about the importance of repositioning, which resulted in me sometimes setting up a nice firing range but then sitting there while all the enemy ships congregated on the other side of the map and overwhelmed my teammates there. This obviously did not reflect well on the post-battle results (couldn't even break 60k those matches), and I do admit I felt rather ashamed upon my poor performance

With that being said, the moment things clicked and I remembered that I'm a fast BB with impressive concealment, hard-hitting and accurate guns, and an unparalleled ability to reposition, suddenly things went much better, and I managed to break 110k both rounds. Sure, I still lost those next two battles, but I definitely didn't think they were my fault, unlike the first two or three (not to mention the satisfaction from surprising and then dev-striking a cruiser at 6 km).





Learning The New (Or, Go For The DD)

After a couple of training sessions with @J30_Reinhardt in training room (who is a great CV player, fyi), I had decided that my CV style needed to change in order to try and crawl out of the abysmal 43% WR on my tier 9 CVs, learning the "shadow-boxing" style of air combat master CV captains use instead of the former "bait and strafe" tactic that had worked well against potato CV players but were easily countered by more experienced CV players. In addition, I forced myself to try and target enemy destroyers and cruisers first in my carriers, instead of going for the battleships (which are easy to hit and nice damage farms, but oftentimes are the least important targets).

Unfortunately, my ping decided that those were the moments to shoot up into the several hundreds, which resulted, amongst other things, losing CV air wars that I very much could have won (although, credit given to @Holiday_Pootis, who I complimented that match—he definitely is better than me at captaining CVs—and used every strength that Lexington had to his utmost advantage (including somehow dev-striking an Atlanta and sinking a Baltimore)—I'm glad my team was able to pick up the slack and help carry me and my Enterprise to victory, place on scoreboard notwithstanding).

Nevertheless, even though I was outclassed in my battle in Enterprise and lost my battle in Taiho, I am proud of two things:

  1. I properly shadow-boxed in the air war and generally avoided a complete shutout that would have resulted if I had tried my old tactics (actually managed to catch said Lexington player with a counter-exit-strafe)
  2. (For the most part) I generally gave a heightened sense of target prioritization to destroyers and cruisers, and I dare say I did influence the match (even if we lost) more despite doing less damage overall—of the 100k damage loss in Taiho today, among the kills included two destroyers, and less than half of the total damage done was to a BB (even then, it was an afterthought with the dive bombers which I diverted off of the Edinburgh after it died first).



Sometimes, Things Work Out (Or, Oops I Forgot About The CV)

Of course, the climb back wasn't all filled with defeats—there were victories too.

I admit, I wasn't exactly competent at sailing Bismarck when I first got her from the campaigns of last year, but I dare say that I have gotten better now.

Despite my initial lack of confidence regarding Bismarck (memories of 48k games still haunting me), I used what I had learned about when to advance and when not to advance to help clear a path for my team (with a little help from RNG).

I would be lying though if I didn't say that my teammates and my division mates all helped, especially after the enemy CV reminded me of its presence via 8 torpedo-shaped death notes, all while cheerfully bantering on (with a few toxic exceptions, but they were anomalies). Heck, the enemy teams were very gracious even when they were victorious in some of my other battles, and I netted a couple of compliments for doing my best at restraining my salt and congratulating them on their victories and skills.



In Closing (Or, Thanks For Being Nice)

Sometimes, people need a break (lord knows I did after high school), but they must also remember that the road back is not always easy. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and take the defeats and poor tactics before you can hit your stride again.

I appreciate the general banter and good humor that all who sail these seas, everyone from my division mates to the enemy team, have possessed. They are a major part of the reason why I keep at this.


Edit: [edited], forgot about @The_Really_Good_Man for also providing me with CV tutorials. Sorry man, here's your belated shoutout and thank you.

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Yeah i know that one from my world of tanks career. Nice to know you have people willing to help you out and help you learn. I took a break for about an month or so cauze I was busy with school and burned out by bad luck. Back into it now when I can. +1

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(Bro, dont tell the normies how awesome I can be at current carriers/knowledgable and how I've largely avoided them because it wouldnt be fair and yet I still want the CV rework to go through)

Glad you got back into the swing of things after that refresher though. I was drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrunk as hell when I was driving the BBs too :D

Which.. I sometimes am sauced in rando's to make the playing field level but.. yea.. don't feed my ego hahahahahahaha.

And this training thingy happened like what.. 2 weeks ago or so?

I do very much remember the target priority rant however. That's been something that alot of people don't realize regardless of what type of ship they're jockeying.

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