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So I turned what could have been a hilarious defeat into a win.

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So I get into this game in Atlanta and decide to set up shop around A Cap and play around there. My team, however, decided to deploy like this...



So at A, a NOLA, Nagato, Nelson, Bayern, and eventually an Acasta all challenged it, with me only having a friendly NOLA as backup. I spend the duration of that battle basically circling around the island directly in front of me seen in the first picture. Friendlies managed to kill the Nelson early on, and I ended up killing the NOLA and Acasta around the same time when they rushed me. Then I withered down the Nagato and finished off a cheeky Furataka that tried to island hug on the other side. 



I was astonished that I not only lived, but won. A fun game to say the least.

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