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Bourgogne: Yellow Bellied Battleship?

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Saw the French BB Bourgogne in-game today.  Nice looking ship.  Don't know if the devs have a sense of humor or if the colouring is historical, but the battleship has, quite literally, a yellow belly.   Hilarious.  For those of you unaware of the term "Yellow belly" in American slang; it means coward.  Although the French were not cowards in WWI or WWII, the mantle of cowards was applied to them in WWII as a stereotype.  I took a screencap below, you can see some of the yellow at the waterline, but when she turns you can really see it.

The yellow belly plus the screen grab of the ship reversing doesn't help their rep!


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That's just the red anti-fouling paint being all dirty, weathered and grimy. You can see the same at the waterline on, say, Conqueror.


But, hey, thanks for perpetuating a weary stereotype, I guess.

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