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found on you tube, the loner

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Ah, you tube.. you never know what your going to find.

Look up this title on you tube and be prepared for most of an hour getting "EDU-MACATED"  (GRIN!)

"The Loner: Why Some People Play MMOs Alone"  (GDC 2011 talk, BioWare Austin's Damion Schubert discusses the rationale for solo playstyles;  this is still very current.  Humans don't change all that much)

What you will hear is going to bring some enlightenment on what you see in game and in the forums every single day.  Maybe it'll help you recognize what you might be doing right and wrong in the social sense here and elsewhere.  

At about 38 minutes in he touches on roles and I felt the light bulb in my hear light up.  Why do players Yolo? Why do they do the dumb thing not the smart thing?  Self expectations?  Group expectations?  These emotional states rule us.  We all want to be the hero!  So how do we all get to be the hero?  Tough question.  For me it's been the process of learning that I need to stop "trying" to be the hero and just play and let it happen.  Focus on improving my "tactical" play.  (Strat I got down pat.. Decades of practice in gaming there, but this is not a "strat" game per say.  I keep hoping we'll get something like that *cough* "Clan Wars"  but it hasn't happen.... yet.  Maybe some day)

The Q&A at the end is especially enlightening.   


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This is a strat game.  Just because your suicidally aggressive play style makes you treat it like it isn't doesn't mean it isn't.

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