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Just Got 14 Days of Premium Time in a Supercontainer!

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I will be away on vacation for nine of those days!


What I'd like to know is, how did WG hack the Southwest Airlines reservation site.


Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and laugh.

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Well... looks like you got 5 days of Premium for free in a super container. Congrats!

In all seriousness: I'd frustrated too if that happened to me -- two good things that cancel each other out... assuming your 9 days away is a vacation. But you know, the glass can still be half-full.

I wish I got a Supercontainer every now and then. I think I've gotten two in 9 months with 3,000 battles.

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I got the 14 day just recently and been playing a lot...it was a motivator after being Premium free for about 4 months after having it for 5 years...oh the withdrawals, the shakes were replaced by bliss.  Not having Premium for WoWS isn't as bad as tanks...which is almost a must, but don't play that hardly at all anymore...

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