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(C4) needs a few good players

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C4 is looking for players that would like to participate in 3vs3, supply lines and Clan battles,we do not tolerate Toxic players and need to be 18+ 

Feel free to in game message for any questions.......scott3609,Livnick or BlizzardNY


C4 base bonuses below are for Tier l-X ships,more bonuses will be added soon

-10% dry dock (post battle service)

-12% Shipbuilding Yard ( cost of research able ships)

+10% Design Bureau ( free XP per battle )

+2% Research Center ( XP per battle )

+6% Academy ( Commander XP per battle )

possible bug in the Coal port,waiting for info

Patch 7.9 brings new port changes, features, and bonuses.


Below are Some of  the clan descriptions ( Our guideline )which are enforced.

Team and Competitive player with 500 or  more games,We are willing to  help reach that number outside of clan

 At or near Clan average  (lower stats make it difficult for encouraging Division/Team play but we are willing to try and help you improve stats)

Stats must not be hidden 

Discord is a MUST HAVE and on/off use for Clan info and giveaways 

Must be a Civil and mature individual,no arguing or disrespect  

 willing to learn and improve while helping other new recruits

be a active member,we drop after 90 days of no activity unless notified 

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I am in I need to get discord and figure out how to leave my current clan since I am the only one who plays. 

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