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BEWBS is recruiting!!!

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BEWBS [NA] is recruiting CASUAL captains that are looking to have FUN and hang out with friends in Discord while they play. We're not huge stat snobs, but most of us WIN more often than not. We'd rather have a lot of folks having fun with us in Discord than a bunch of stoic unicums that never talk. Our focus is on teamwork and voluntary engagement. We avoid words like REQUIRE, MUST HAVE, WIN RATE, etc. New to the game? We don't care. Just be cool and hang out with us.

We run a lot of Operations and division in a lot of high tier Randoms. All of us are 18+, ranging from our early 20's to mid-40's. We have a handful that would like to get involved in Clan Battles, so if that's your thing, have at it. if you're a hardcore player chasing steel, you may want to look somewhere else right now.

Current details about out port:

  • Coal Port +7% coal
  • Dry Dock -5% cost of post-battle service
  • Shipbuilding -14% cost to purchase ships of all tiers
  • Design Bureau +20% free XP per battle
  • Research Center +2% XP research on ships of all tiers
  • Academy +8% Captain XP per battle

Look us up if you're interested. We'd love to have you.

Full disclosure: We're NOT affiliated with iEarlGrey's old outfit on the EU server. I thought the name sounded funny then some of our guys that are a little more plugged-in than I am clued me in on the connection.

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