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What a Difference a Day Makes

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I don't know about anyone else, but for me, accomplishing anything of worth yesterday in this game was like slogging your way through a field in mud caked boots! It took forever to earn that last container for the day, not to mention reaching that 14,000 XP for the Jervis. However, reaching the Golden League was always just a bit out of reach. It felt like every battle was a major competition for kills, damage, credits, etc.

What a difference a day makes! Tonight was the complete opposite! Not only did I finish all my combat missions, personal missions and such, I had some of the best battles ever in the Giulio Cesare and the Acasta. I was averaging about 2 kills per battle out of the 13 ships I was playing. It was smooth sailing for most of the entire night. I finally made it to the Golden League, got complimented twice on my game play with the Jervis and the Atlanta and even managed to get a premium RN container. All in all it was a most excellent and satisfying night of wargaming. May we all have such nights as this when battling on the open seas!

Goldent League 2018-09-24 (7).png

Giulio Ceasare 12018-09-24 (5).png

Giulio Ceasari 22018-09-24 (6).png

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I didn't change anything for me same time than usual, maybe my winrate a little but other than that not .much

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