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Weekend spree

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Lol what a weekend. About 10 or so battles away from Fletcher, need to run MO some more today (short on credits again), bought and outfitted Lion with her upgrades, got Z52 started on credits part for her legendary module, halfway thru GK's credit-earning, and should probably focus on just 1 or 2 ships to grind over the weekdays.

Invited TheCrimsonDemon to div up but his clan snapped him up first. So stuck, as usual, yolo queuing cause my few clanmates normally don't come on until late evening.

Saturday and Sunday won more than half the battles. Also tried out Arms Race mode, it's pretty fun, but if trying for wins, you're very dependent on having competent everyone, and for most part my losses there came from having scrub DDs.


Btw, Notser's callsign in-game appears to be "Wilco!" from hitting that button a lot.

One of the games I played well to the end:


If remember right, had another defeat in GK where enemy team narrowly saved their beached Fletcher from my attempted ram.

Last match of the night:


And Akizuki Detonated!


Oh, I also got Acasta (the T5) via crate and finished mission w/ last battle.

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Looks like you had a productive weekend. I started off very well - unlocked and bought the Baltimore, unlocked the special camo for the Helena, nearly finished the Konigsberg grind AND picked up the Acasta and Icarus solely with in-game crates.

Finished on a downer, with my Nelson seemingly unable to hit anything last night (four shells one side, five the other; washed the decks but no hits AT LEAST TWICE), and with other players stealing kills right out of my closing jaws in the Acasta and the Icarus in co-op. All the risks I took on the YOLO charges, and someone blows up my target and completely wastes the salvo I just fired (at one point less than a second before the entire rack of 5 was about to hit). And now I will have to work like a dog to accumulate British DD damage and/or money to complete the last directive of stage 1 tonight.

Still... new T8 ship (with Freedom camo long since won), new premium T7 camo for free, and two semi-premium (for now) destroyers FOR FREE which I think I am going to enjoy playing in the long run. Overall a very good weekend, despite the Sunday night frustrations.

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mines was pretty frustrating losing about 20 matches in 3 days with the occasional win in between. You do your part consistently hit top 3 but you only mange loss after loss. :-(

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I had a pretty good weekend playing. The highlight of the weekend was after not getting a super container since I don’t know when I got 4, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 

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The weekend oddly enough has become the best time for me to play.

Now it is not without it's moments of WTH!

But I have been putting up some good numbers and winning a lot of games  late Friday and into the early morning hours of Saturday.

At one point i was up to 20th on the leader board of the British Hall of fame thing.

But i took the day off yesterday and slipped back out of the top 100 by the end of the day.

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Mine was fairly successful when my internet was working. Won better then 60% of my matches. Did get the mission for Icarus just 600 bae xp from unlocking. Got kills in every ship I played except North Carolina. Couldn't buy a kill with her. 

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20 minutes ago, BrushWolf said:

One word, NIGHTMARE. It was that bad.

  Yup- the less we speak of this last weekend, the better...

  I got so frustrated, I ended up jumping in all of my tier 5 DD's, and simply yolo-ing- just to finish the spot 15 ships mission.   That way I could say I'd at least accomplished SOMETHING.

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I haven't played that much since I transferred to NA last year from EU, mostly because I don't play during events which counts for a lot of time these days and normally I stay away from Fridays and Saturdays. But...Operation Dynamo is great with flags and camos to train commanders as you get 40-50k commander xp per game. So after doing a lot of that I decided to play some randoms for a change and boy was that 'something' else now. I was tier 6 DD in a tier 6-8 game doing what I should be doing and besides me and two others the rest lemminged east and it ended quite tragically and one guy went on a holy rant about teams and quality of such but the others just kept sailing on in silence. The couple of other random games I had was pretty much more of that same, though I did have a good game in my Kamikaze but that was mainly due to being on a somewhat proper team for once.

I started out in CBT on EU and oh my has the player base changed a lot. I've been clinging on to the notion that at some point it has to get back to 'normal' but I think that ship as sailed, pun intended. I'm not a unicum, I've got a bit short of 52% wr  solo, so I'm not able to carry hard which makes me dependent on at least a couple of other players that are 50+ so we can carry together and it is getting rarer and rarer these days. I guess I just have to make peace with my WR eventually dropping as I don't want to leave the game either.

Like probably a lot of others I came to WoWs through WoT, at first just wide-eyed and tanking like mad without any regard for winrate and otherwise but getting introduced to XVM eventually ruined all that. I miss those days though, even I know I was useless as 'f' I personally had a good time. Is it even possible to go back to that state when you've been hung up in the competitive state for years? There is, as I experience it, next to no competitive team play in randoms any more any way so one can wonder if you can not beat them, should you join them. I have no clear answer to that. Gonna 'Dynamo' for a bit, as it has good xp rewards for time spent.

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