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British DD Tier 5 through 8 inventory module bug

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Reporting a possible (SERIOUS) exploitation bug with British Destroyer Tier 5 through 8 (credit cheat).
I regularly clean up my stock modules in inventory by selling them off.
Out of habit, I sold the stock modules for the Tier 5 through 8 British DDs along with some other ships I'd upgraded.
Upon returning to my module inventory later, I see the British DD stock modules are still listed and have a "sell" button.
I've verified on the individual ships that the stock modules are cleared and can be repurchased, but the Module Inventory still appears to show them as owned and sellable.
IMPORTANT NOTE : I have NOT attempted to "re-sell" them again to see if the game would allow it, as that would EASILY be seen as my exploiting the system rather than trying to test the limits of this bug for WarGaming.

Hope this information helps.



After posting this and approximately 15 minutes after I last checked it, my inventory now shows the correct information for owned modules.  The issue may have instead been a delay on the server-side in processing transactions and inventory.  That said, I had still not tried  to resell when it was available, just in case it would process it and mistakenly assume it was an exploit attempt.  Sorry for the bother.  Can't see how to delete this post.

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UPDATE - Issue appears to be a server delay.
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This may go away after the RN DDs become line ships and are no longer treated as premiums. I believe something similar happened when the French BBs were offered in missions.

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