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Looking for a clan

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Check out frigginfrigates.com 

Discord Info on front page of our website 

Tag in game FF

We only have 1 rule be on discord while in game. That's it..

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35 minutes ago, iFireRandomly said:

I will skip the introduction, I am looking for a clan that does divisions and is active and doesn't have a tier requirement since my highest tier is a 5. I have discord(NO Teamspeak). Message me with offers. Thanks.


Hey, iFireRandomly

Tactical Strike Group 4 is looking  :Smile_glasses:  for a few more Active players wanting a "Clan Home" who care less about stats and numbers and more about being part of a fun organization!


What Tactical Strike Group 4 is NOT and what we DO NOT DO:

  • TSG4 is not a gang of "Stat Wh*res". Yes, it is nice to have unicum stats, and yes, everyone strives to be their best and get their highest percentages, but as an organization, we really don't care what your numbers are. (and if you ask me in-person, I'll give you a much strongly worded response.  :Smile_teethhappy: )
  • Once a players earns full membership with TSG4, we do NOT enforce maintaining a certain win rate, ship tier (or any other stat that you could possibly think of) because we have learned that over time, the stress and pressure of  "required performance" lends itself very quickly to "player burn-out". We just want our members to have fun and build friendships... period.
  • TSG4 does NOT require that a player have a certain tier of ships just to be able to join.  That policy is extremely exclusionary and expressly prohibits players from joining when they simply "want to belong" and are wanting friends with which to battle and an organization (clan) in which to participate, contribute and represent!
  • Tactical Strike Group 4 does NOT form cliques or play "the favorites game". TSG4 is a group (or family) of friends and all of our members make an effort and enjoy divisioning-up and battling with all other members. We all keep our lower-tier ships so that we can help newer players grind their way up, as well as have the opportunity to play lower tiered battles in an effort to "blow off steam" and "cleanse our palate" from the stress of high tier battles.


There is so much more to TSG4 than just a "gaggle of warm bodies"!  Come check us out.... see what TSG4 is all about!    :cap_like:






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C4 is a small group looking for members that will eventually compete in Clan battles if you might be interested

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