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Normally I like the detail Wargaming puts into their port designs and appreciate the research and effort they must take.  But in the case of the new Port of London, there is (to me) a glaring omission I can't stop noticing... to the point it bothers me to even use that port.  I'm talking about the lack of St. Paul's Cathedral on the skyline west of the Tower of London.  St. Pauls was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1967 and most certainly would have been seen from Tower Bridge and point on the River Thames where our ships are anchored in the time period used for modeling.

For the life of me I don't understand why an iconic structure like St. Paul's, one that took direct bomb damage in WWII, including a time-delayed strike that was defused and removed before it could detonate and completely destroy the cathedral, would be left out of this update. Very strange omission, Wargaming.


St Pauls Cathedral London.jpg

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Yeah that is odd since in many of the WWII and WWI vids of the area show the Cathedral.

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