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more leaks on subs

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Hi folks 

Well WG  are in full flight  hot on the heals of the new mode coming out soon those crazy kids at Lesta.

WG is proud to announce a collaboration with NBC television, Steven Spielberg, Amblin television, ET The Extraterrestrial, Dr Robert Ballard,  Center for Ocean Exploration and Archaeological Oceanography, Greenpeace  Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration and people with paint on there face.

Image result for seaquest dsv

Yes WG are proud to show a new nation  The  UEO (United Earth Oceans ) a totally all underwater tech tree   image.jpeg.458254d5131522b4e3a197c4258e659d.jpeg 

With a new port which will come out in a future patch to announced at later date but we have sneak peak at this new port

Image result for seaquest dsv submarine

Great stuff no lets take a lot at some the early rendering of the new line from these leaked screenshots word has it all ships will come with unique  Captains

Tier 2 


image.jpeg.9c6e982fbb26da55d4d5808a3768f231.jpegimage.jpeg.d48b042f31d45d8b5ee252081bc6ff4c.jpeg captained by the great man himself  Leonardo DA Vinci 


Tier 3 


330px-Fultondesign7.jpg Fulton.jpgCaptained by Robert Fulton


  Tier 4


290px-Nordenfelt_submarine_Abd%C3%BClhamid.jpgThorsten Wilhelm Nordenfelt - from Svenskt Porträttgalleri II.png Captained by Thorsten Nordenfelt 

 Tier 5 


Image result for history of submarines no name or picture of the Mystery captain as of yet


Tier 6 


Image result for operation petticoat Image result for operation petticoat Captained by a bunch of nurses 

Tier 7


Image result for captain nemo Image result for captain nemoCaptain Nemo in charge



Tier 8


Related imageImage result for james bond captained by James Bond


Tier 9


Image result for voyage to the bottom of the seaImage result for Captain Lee Crane Captain Lee Crane 

Tier 10


Image result for seaquest dsvthis ship come with 2 Captains, Captain Nathan Hale Bridger image.jpeg.a56da8194bee5b90492c55c7cccb48f9.jpegimage.jpeg.4a8833be8df6844f41e489efc1600311.jpegCaptain Oliver Hudson

Wow this is exciting hot on the heals of the leaking of German Premium  U-96 a whole new nation great work WG.

I am so excited about submarines in game and this leaked news could not come at a better time. 


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Hah! Seaquest, now there's a rollercoaster of a show

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season one- GUD

season two-  NBC potfest

season 3 GUD

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