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Monaghan B is pretty good in Dynamo

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While there is no doubt Sims is king in this OP, Monaghan B runs a pretty close second. Her stock AA DPS is higher than Sims’ (75 to Sims 64). You also get to keep your speed boost. I’ve ran the OP about a half dozen times between the two ships, and I’ve got my most plane kills with Mona (61). Granted I don’t have a skipper with manual AA and I had by far the best AA in that game, but you can get an idea what she’s capable of doing. 

She does have drawbacks: her AA DPS comes from her mid and short range mounts, you give up two guns, she’s doesn’t have Sims’ base XP boost, and Sims will out DPS her if the Skipper has manual AA. With that being said, she is a great way to pick up a second first win bonus for the day or run the op a second time while Sims cools off. 

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Got 69 planes in my Sims without manual AA had help having a Gallant and Agile with us not sure if they shot down any next closest was another Sims with only 11

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I plan on running Sims, Mahan, Farragut and Monaghan once I catch up with Directives.

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