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[LLF] Lost Leviathans Fleet is accepting all.

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Hey all,

 LLF is open to all who wish to benefit from the new clan system bonuses. I'm not gonna sugar coat it, there is only three of us currently, but we have collected enough resources to make things work with the new system.  My goal with this clan is just as I stated, to make it as big as possible for everyone to benefit from the system.

 All are welcome into the fleet, whether you're a new player or an old veteran.

 Here is currently all the bonuses we have available at the moment and hope that once more people join we can push it to the max.

Dry Dock: 2 out of 6

-5% cost post-battle service for tier 1-8 ships


 Shipbuilding Yard: 2 out of 6

-10% cost to research of ships tier 1-8


Research Center: 2 out of 6

+2% to XP per battle on tier 1-8


Design Bureau: 2 out of 6

+10% to free XP per battle on tier 1-8


Academy: 2 out of 6

+4% to commander XP per battle


Coal Port: 1 out of 3

+5% to coal that you receive


Rostral Column: 1 out of 1


Buildings not made yet (mainly need more people)

Officers' Club: 0 out of 4

Steel Port: 0 out of 3

I just have five simple rules 

1. Be respectful to others, we're all human (I hope).

2.  Try not to get politics and religion involved.

3. Be helpful to new players to the game.

4. Try to keep topics PG13 or least make an attempt at it.

5. Have fun and benefit from the clan.

   I will do what I can to make sure all requests are accepted in the timely fashion.  I would like to thank all for taking their time to look at this and even joining thank you in advance. o7


USS Tennessee gonna get what she wants......you


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