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Kronshtadt in arms race is a beast.

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I took Kronshtadt out for a spin in the new game type, Arms Race. I found out ships way more dominant in that game mode than in standard.

The way I look at it the ships that do well in arms race are either good at getting upgrades or preventing the other team from getting upgrades. Kronshtadt of good at both of these. You can chase cruisers and DDs away with your radar and guns and your fast and tanky enough to go for boosts you chase other people from yourself. All of the upgrades work well with this cruiser. her guns greatly benefit from the reload boost, but its combining stealth and the heal boost where things get insane.

Kronshtadt is already fairly stealthy and tanky if you can keep the armor at the right angle, but she can become an invisible juggernaut in this mode. With even one count of the stealth upgrade she can now stealth radar, and multiple instances she becomes ninja. Combine that with healing and you have a ship that nearly impossible to kill and can fight any other type of surface ship with a reasonable probability of coming out the victor.

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Hmm, I think I'll try that!

Also it is spelled Kronshtadt - took me a while to commit that to memory!

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