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Royal Navy Crates Drop

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These are the x20 crates from the premium shop. I have not used the sovereigns to purchase any standard yet:

x15 Wyvern

x15 Red Dragon

x10 Leviathan

x10 Ouroboros

x20 Basilisk 

x10 Scylla

x10 Dragon

x10 Union Jack

I got lucky and got all 4 DD missions:

(Crate #)

(1) Icarus

(2) Acasta

(11) Lightning

(13) Jervis

Then the sovereigns and the Union Jack Camo. 

**Note: I was exceptionally lucky compared to others I have seen. So take with a grain of salt.**


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My first 20 had all the DDs also, but there is a lot of great stuff in the crates anyway. 


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35 minutes ago, Trowa03 said:

I haven't seen any info on how they're earned. They just appear randomly in my port. 

The RN containers have a RARE mission drop and you get a personal mission to get the ship. Acasta is 10k base XP, Icarus is 12k base XP, Jervis is 14k base XP and Lightning is 16k base XP. You have until Nov 19th to complete the mission. If you FXP the ship before you finish the mission, then you get credits for the duplicate. The Early Access Mission gives you the ship purchased with all the upgrades purchased and unlocked as well.

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