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New Tier V Ranked Sprint Mode Announced

Tier V Sprint Mode Top Picks  

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  1. 1. Top Pick?

    • Giulio Cesare
    • Oktobutt
    • Okhotnik
    • Gremyaschy
    • Kamikaze Sisters
    • Others

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ST. Balancer. Calendars. Ranked battle. Sprint.

The balance algorithm for battles on tiers VI – X is being tested. It will limit the number of destroyers in a battle to 4. If a battle is not ready and the waiting time for the first player in the line is already more than three minutes, this limitation will be turned off.

Now no more than 4 battleships and 4 destroyers are allowed in a co-op battle.

A new section has been added to the game – Calendars. Players can receive their rewards for visiting the game regularly. Calendar is available for new players. Later we plan to add other calendars as well.

A new format for ranked battles has been added to the game – Sprint. During the first two seasons of this format players can participate using ships tier V in 6x6 and 8x8 battles relatively. There are 10 ranks available. It’s allowed to enter the battle in a division of two players. The duration of this season will be significantly shorter than the usual one’s. League of Seawolves is turned off.

This format is more suitable for beginners but everybody can participate.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


Thoughts on the new mode announced? Also picks and build recommendations for the mode? I have a Giulio, Okto, Okhotnik, and Gremy and I'm interested in build suggestions. Due to the probably Kami spam would running RPF on Gremy or even Giulio be a good idea?

Votes in the poll and suggestions other than those that are in the poll are very welcome.

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For destroyers I shall play all 3 of the kamikazi sisters... 19 point captain with my shimmy clan wars/ranked build.

For battleships, Hail Ceasar.

For cruisers, murmansk. Longer range than others and 8 km torps.


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