Ok, so as I usually do when a new event comes out that has crates in the shop I buy a bunch for the flags, camo, collection pieces, etc... If they offer ships or ship missions that is a bonus and not why I buy them. IMO these new RN crates are over priced for what you get (should have been 10 flags and 10 camo not 5 based on the price compared to previous event crates) and the fact these are just standard ships and not premiums. I bought some anyway however as I am low on flags and I wanted to help our clan out with some oil towards the clan base rebuild.  So with the crates I bought dropping a lot of sovereigns I used those to go in the shop and buy Warspite and Gallant for the doubloon value (forget exact amount but it is 9K+ total as I recall - 4K something for each) as I already had them. I then grabbed the alternate Gallant perma camo. Once I was done with that I used my remaining sovereigns to buy 5 packs of the regular crates like we will be able to win (60 sovereigns for a 5 pack). I then just kept buying crates and then using those sovereigns to buy more until I ran out. My goal was to get as much clan oil as I could because I didn't need anything else in the RN Arsenal. So that brings me to the 2 main points of this post... These containers offer average value at best. While not as overpriced as the Go Navy event ones were these offer very little for that big price tag. The actual content is good but WG nerfed the awarded #'s of the flags and camos heavily so the value just isn't really there. I would say the value equates to breaking even for $ spent or maybe be into + territory by a hair. It certainly isn't a great value like some of the others have been. The French BB event is the most comparable to this one and those containers were a much better value. Be aware if you will buy crates you are not doubling or more your investment as we have been able to do in the past. Not even close and not even with doubloons for Gallant and Warspite. Be aware the drop rate is extremely low for the DD Missions in these crates and especially the regular/arsenal ones. Lowest I have ever seen for this type of thing. In the ones in the past I have always received every mission and got them long before I stopped getting/opening crates. I was only able to get 3 of the 4 missions for this. While the missions were not the reason I bought crates I did expect to get them tbh. I was able to get the T5/T6/T7 Missions but not the T8. I literally opened HUNDREDS of crates (premium and regular/arsenal combined). The 3 Missions came from the premium crates. Not 1 from the regular/arsenal ones and I easily opened like 3X's as many of those.  The drop rate is just very low. EDIT - I FINALLY got the T8 Lightning Mission from a crate out of the arsenal. I have literally opened at least 150+ regular crates (might be over 200 by now?) and had the initial premium crates purchase. That T8 mission seems to be the hardest to get. So I now have them all. Already got the T5/T6/T7 missions done and have played the DD's. Time to work on the T8. So if you want to buy these crates in the premium shop understand you are really only getting spent value. No massive extra value like we have seen in the past. This is a break even or slightly profit event. And if you expect to get the DD's be prepared for a very low drop rate. IF you will only get the regular/arsenal crates through game play ( earned and with sovereigns from those in the arsenal) understand the missions are very scarce. Don't regret the purchases made today at all. Not what this is about. My flags and camo supplies are in good shape again and I was able to help the clan with a good chunk of oil for the overhaul of the base so I did what I wanted. I will admit though I was surprised, and even a bit disappointed, that the DD missions didn't all drop. With the # of crates opened I should have picked up that T8 for the 4th and final mission.  It felt like waiting for a SC that never arrived.  Hope this helps and good luck to all.  EDIT - Warspite gives 4550 doubloons and Gallant gives 4500 so 9050 doubloons in total for the 2 if you have them already.  
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