Collecting Guineas is over. All that is left is that Cossack will be in the Arsenal until patch 8.0 drops on Jan 23rd. Guineas will also be converted to credits, 1 Guinea to 100,000 credits on patch 8.0 on Jan 23rd. You could only get 48 Guineas in-game, so always needed to buy at least two Guineas. Everyone got a one-time 10 Guineas for $1 special in the shop under specials. The other Guineas are there as well for $1 each. So if you have not yet purchased Cossack, check how many you need, pick them up and buy Cossack.   Guineas and Cossack T8 UK DD For every Directive you complete you will get 1 Guinea. Guineas are used for the purchase of T8 Cossack and will last through patch 7.12 (Dec 19th 12th.) If you complete every Directive from the first Directive on Sep 20th to the last Directive on Dec 8th, you will get 48 Guineas. Cossack will be available for 50 Guineas in the Arsenal, through patch 7.12. You will need to buy a minimum of 2 Guineas to purchase Cossack. Based on the pricing of other T8 DDs, 2 Guineas should cost roughly $1-2. There very well can be a package of 50 Guineas in the shop for $40ish or whatever the T8 Cossack Pricing is set to be.  NOTE: Guineas will most likely be converted to credits on Jan 23rd 9th 22nd Dec 12th Jan 9th. BUY Cossack as soon as you have 50 Guineas!   EDIT: Guineas and Cossack showed up in the shop on Fri, Sep 21st. No idea how long Cossack bundles will be in the shop.   The rest of the RN event is over. LAST WEEK of the RN event. Event ends Dec 12th early in the morning. Guineas last until update 8.0 in January!   Ok. Here is a run down on how the RN event works. You can jump down to the section you need to read about as I know this is long.   First it starts Thu, Sep 20th and runs until early morning Dec 11th. It is broken down into patches (month), Stages (week), Directives (days) and Missions.   Sovereigns are over and were converted to credits, 1:25k, on patch 7.11 Nov 21st.
    SPEND YOUR Guineas before Jan 22nd. Guineas were supposed to be inclusive of patch 7.12, which drops on Dec 12th(? or19th?), so Jan 22nd makes more sense. Although if patch 7.12 drops Dec 12th, then 8.0 should be 4(5?) weeks later at Jan 9th(? or 16? or 23rd?). Just plan on buying Cossack before the end of the year for sure or even better, as soon as you hit 50 Guineas.  ^^This is still correct as of Nov 21st.^^ Patch 7.12 could end as early as Jan 9th, so the Jan 22nd date is looking suspect. If patch 7.11 is 4 weeks, then 7.12 drops Dec 19th. Patch 7.12 looks to be 5 weeks long with the Dev blog saying that the "In the Name of His Highness" (T6 BB Prinz Eitel Friedrich reward) is 5 weeks long, so that means patch 8.0 could drop Jan 23rd and the in-game note is right. With the ambiguity, I HIGHLY suggest buy Cossack as soon as you hit 50 Guineas.  
Various quick answers (I'll add more as they come up)   Every Patch and Stage you will get one of these i the upper left of the port. It will track the Missions and Directives. We will break down the pieces shortly.     Missions Let's start with the most basic part of the Royal Navy (RN) Event and that is the Mission. It is the middle section above and lets focus on it here. Missions can be completed in Random (PvP), co-op (PvE), Ranked and/or Arms Race. Operations will not work. (NOTE: Some operations will work, but will be noted separately) Stage 3 patch 7.9, there is a collect 10 stars missions that works in any operation. Note: Patch 7.11 Missions start Nov 22nd, so we will find out the quirks then. (Nov 21st update). Stage 1's special mission was for Warspite. Stage 2's special mission is for Cossack and/or Haida.        There will be 5 Stages in patch 7.10 and 3 Stages in patch 7.11, The fifth Stage will have the same format. There will be 3 Stages in patch 7.11. This pic from the RN rules show the Stages as ending on Tuesday, but evidently they don't end until 7am EST on Wednesday as it is Tue, Sep 25th and people are still completing missions.   NOTE! Directive IV for Stage 3 (patch 7.9) that drops Sat, Oct 6th, has one Mission that requires 10 Stars from Scenarios. It doesn't specify the current Raptor Rescue this week, so you should be able to get Stars from any Scenario. Also you do not need to complete this Scenario Mission or the T7+ UK DD Mission to complete the Directive to get your Guinea. You only need 5 Missions to complete the Directive and there are 5 Missoins for T5+ ships that you can complete. Discord Ops group that gets together to play   Directives Next up the ladder are Directives. You complete a certain number of Missions to complete a Directive. Here is the screen with the part on Directives. At the top is the number of Missions, middle section, that you need to complete to complete the current Directive. In this case, it is 3 of the 5 missions to complete the Directive and the big box on the right in the Directive reward. It will always be 1 Guinea and possibly something else as well. Edit: you do not need to complete the UK DD missions to complete a Directive. Edit: For the first Stage, each Directive gives 1 Guinea and 1 RN container. Note: For patch 7.10, almost all the mission can be done in Scenarios for the Halloween event (except Saving Transylvania as it is T3 and you need T5+ to complete the mission) along with PvP, PvE, Ranked and Clan battles. Instead of UK DDs there is one for Cossack/Le Terrible that gives 10k ECXP and one for earning Stars that can only be done in the Scenarios. You can complete the Directives without getting Stars or using Cossack/Le Terrible, by completing all of the other Missions. Note: For patch 7.11, almost all of the missions can be done in Random, Co-op, Scenario and Twilight Battles.   The shields on the left are the Directives for that Stage. Directive I will come out on Wednesday mornings at 7am EST (4am PST). Directive II will come out on Thursday mornings. When a patch drops, Directive I & II will come out on Thursday morning. Directive III will always come out on Friday Morning and Directive IV will come out on Saturday Morning. You will have until Tuesday Wednesday, most likely until 7am EST (4am PST), to complete the Directives for that Stage. You can not go back and complete old Stages. If you can only play sometimes and can schedule when you can play, try to play Sat to Mon if you can to maximize having all four Directives available at once.   You click on the shields to change from Directive to Directive in a Stage and Directives can have from 5 to 7 Missions and you have to complete 3-5 Missions to complete a Directive. NOTE: Guineas will most likely be converted to Credits on Jan 22nd 9th. May be Jan 9th again or the 23rd if patch 7.12 is 5 weeks long and 7.11 is 4 weeks. Buy Cossack as soon as you hit 50 Guineas.   EDIT: Here are all the Directives from Stage 1-4, patch 7.9. NOTE: One UK DD mission in Directive III and Directive IV requires a T7+ UK DD so you will need an early access UK T7+ DD in patch 7.9 to complete it. ALL other UK DD missions are T5+ UK DD.
Pics of all of the Stages from patch 7.9, 7.10, and the other completed stages have been moved to page 11 of the thread. Current Stage is Stage 1, patch 7.11 that starts Nov 22nd.  You can complete all the Directives in Stage 5, patch 7.10 without doing a Halloween OP or having Cossack and/or Le Terrible. Most Missions can be completed with a T5 ship in Random, Twilight, Co-op, Ranked, or Scenario Battle. The special Warspite Missions can only be completed in Random, Co-op or Scenario battles. Stage 3, Directives You can complete all the Directives WITHOUT using Vanguard or Nelson if you do not have it.     Stages Next up the ladder is Stages. You complete one or more Directives in a Stage. Stages start on Wed (Thu after patch day) and run until Tuesday. The Stage ends on Tuesday and you can no longer complete Missions and Directives once a Stage ends. The Stage will end by 7am EST (3am PST) on Tuesday Wednesday morning, so plan to complete all the Stages you can by Monday Tuesday if you can. No idea if there will be rewards for Stages, but since there is nothing tracking Stages, I would guess not.  (NOTE: appears no reward for complete all 4 Directives in a Stage)   Patches The RN event runs over 3 patches, 7.9, 7.10 & 7.11. This will be from Sep 20th to Dec 11th.   Patch 7.9 dropped Sep 19th  RN event starts Sep 20th RN Arsenal introduced Early Access UK DD missions (more below) Other stuff like new Arsenal stuff, Naval Base 2.0, Arms Race new battle mode, etc   Patch 7.10 scheduled for Oct 17th RN event continues UK DDs are released Halloween event with both old events and the new Sub one. Edit: There will be 5 versions of Halloween Scenarios. Easy and hard versions of the second & sub Scenarios and the three regular scenarios. Halloween perma-camo for NC, Kiev, Z-23 & Mogami Ranked Sprint fast version of Ranked Battles other cool stuff, see 7.10 Dev Bulletin and Dev video at the bottom of this post   Patch 7.11 scheduled for Nov 21st 14th Sovereigns are converted to credits on Nov 21st 13th! Everything but Cossack leaves the RN Arsenal Looks to be a RN DD collection of 16 items from a new RN container that will evidently replace the Halloween containers per the Oct 15th Dev Blog. No idea what will be in the containers at this time. See RN collection section below Twilight Battle Halloween PvP mode with Halloween ships, but evidently no Halloween Cmdrs. RN collection for Lightning and Haida perma-camo Clan Battles, Thunderstorms on 3 maps, lots of other cool stuff   Patch 7.12 is looking more and more like it will be Dec 19th   Patch 8.0 is looking like Jan 23rd.   Halloween Containers are over         RN Containers and Collection for 7.11 Patch 7.9 RN container info in spoiler     Patch 7.11 will bring a new RN container in game and a premium RN container in the shop on Nov 21st as well as a new permanent collection. The RN containers will replace the Halloween containers as rewards in the Missions and Directives. Not sure how many RN containers will be in each Directive at this time (Nov 13th). There will be 16 items in the collection broken up into 4 sub-groups. The sub-group rewards will be the ability to mount 2 flags on UK DDs, UK CLs, UK BBs and Commonwealth ships (Vampire, Perth & Haida). The main reward will be perma-camo for T7 Haida and T8 Lightning. You can set the RN DD collection to be dropped in the Daily Containers as well.   You can earn up to 10 RN DD containers in Stage 1 of patch 7.11. In Stage 2, you can get up to 6 and up to 10 if you have Cossack/Haida. I expect Stage 3 to be similar.   In game containers   Premium shop containers, nothing on pricing yet (Nov 13th). 1 for $5, 5 for $25, 15 for $60   Haida perma-camo   Lightning perma-camo   Patch 7.11 will only have 3 Stages of 4 Directives each as Patch 7.10 had 5 Stages. But since the collection also comes in the Daily Containers, you don't have to worry if you miss some RN containers in the event. The new British DD containers are out today, Wed Nov 21st in the shop. Just so you know, there will be in-game British containers in the RN event as rewards for completing Missions and Directives (most likely) tomorrow when Directives I & II start. The RN DD collection will also drop in daily containers. So if you just want to complete the RN collection for the Lightning perma-camo, then you DO NOT have to buy any containers.   If you want Dragon flags or Union Jack one-use camos, then the premium shop RN containers offer up to 20 off one of those in each container. At $5 per box, that makes the flags or camos 25 cents each.   RN DD containers in the shop will have 2 collection items 20 Union Jack camouflage patterns or 20 special signals of one of the following types: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan.
    RN DD containers in-game as rewards will have 1 collection item 1 Union Jack camouflage pattern or 1 special signal of one of the following types: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan.     Once again, you DO NOT have to buy ANY RN DD containers in the shop to complete the RN DD collection for a Lightning perma-camo.         Sovereigns are over  
    Arsenal is over except for Cossack above Early Access UK DD Missions patch 7.9 Early Access missions are still dropping from RN containers in patch 7.10 now that the full UK DD line is out. Missions last until Nov 19th. This part is over! (Nov 20th) EDIT: full patch notes and a screen shot of an early access mission dropping.     Hall of Fame The Hall of Fame is for bragging rights and getting extra stuff for placing in the top 50% of the NA players who earned HoF points from this event. Since, this is based on points earned from this event, you don't have to be a 50% WR player to place in the top 50% of the RN Event Hall of Fame each week.   Every battle you play in a T5+ ship, after you complete Directive IV in a stage (during the RN Event) will earn points for sinking ships, victory and/or achievements. So the earliest you can enter the Hall of Fame competition for a stage, is Saturday, after you have completed Directive IV. Each Stage's Hall of Fame competition will run from from the earliest you complete Directive IV early Saturday morning to Tuesday Wednesday at 1am PST. The points break down will be below. All battle modes are competing in the same Hall of Fame each stage and you can play any of the battle modes you like to earn Hall of Fame points for that stage. Only T5+ ships count for HoF points.   Random Battle Hall of Fame points you can earn   Co-op Battle Hall of Fame points you can earn   Scenario Battle Hall of Fame points you can earn   Ranked Battle Hall of Fame points you can earn   Arms Race Battle Hall of Fame points you can earn   Hall of Fame rewards earned each stage. As of 10:30am EST Sep 26th, nothing on when HoF rewards will be handed out. Hall of Fame rewards have been buggy, but WG has been fixing it a week or so later.   Hall of Fame NOTE:     Dates For those of you, like me, that like to see things on a Calendar. Here are the dates for each patch. Patch 7.9 drops Sep 19th and Stage 1 starts Sep 20th       NOTE, UK DD missions during this patch can only be completed with T5+ premium UK DDs like Gallant, Cossack or an early access UK DD.   Patch 7.10 drops Oct 17th and Stage 1 starts Oct 18th   Patch 7.11 drops Nov 21st 14th and Stage 1 starts Nov 22nd 15th. RN event ends on Dec 12th when patch 7.12 drops.     RN event Article   7.9 patch notes   7.10 Dev bulletin   7.10 Play Test Server (PTS) Round 2   7.11 RN containers first article   7.11 Patch notes   Dev bullentin 7.12     Since the events overlap.