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II.Augusta (AUG) recruiting!

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Hello! o/

II.Augusta (AUG) just started recruiting, we have two visions in mind: first, have fun, develop your skills and grind your ships with some clanmates because is always fun! unless you get killed the first minute and your mate 10 minutes after :V...; second, many players may have limited time a day or tight schedules to play anything, so CW and tournaments are not a must, if you get to a point that you want to get more competitive, you are of course free to leave, no hard feelings!.

Also, we already started building our base, so there are already some benefits, more soon to come! as you can see, we are not planning a life sucking clan, more like a casual team, so get back, relax and enjoy the game at your own pace, meet people and raise your own fleet, with the possibility to easily find other mates to do missions, get information when something important is going on and raise your skills!


We offer:

  • Bonuses from base port, as we together expand, those will raise.
  • Members to play with, discord available, not a must but once you meet people, its a lot of fun!
  • We have a few experienced players to guide you through advice and answer your questions.
  • Diversity, respect, everyone is welcome, there are no national borders definition to be a member! (we have spanish and english speaking members) 
  • A very cool name for a clan! II.Augusta is based on the roman legion! Im a historian, I think is relevant! :V



  • Be alive...
  • Have WoWS in your PC...
  • Be cool! fights in chat are allowed, those are fun, profanity toward other members, is not...
  • you are set!


Note: we set a discord, once in, it will be provided!



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