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From my own experience, two pieces of leveling advice for new players

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1. You should set a target win rate (~55%) and a target kill/death ratio (~2.0) for your current tier before you move up to the next tier.

Premise: Due to decreasing reward to risk, you will find players in high tiers significantly stronger.

We all get excited easily with the prospects of "powerful" new ships in high tiers. However, Warships is a game much like chess, and player skills heavily determine the outcome. Moving up too fast (a lot of us do) and others will mercilessly club you like a helpless seal. Therefore, for the best enjoyment, you should hone your skills with players alike, get comfortable and improve before moving up.


2. You should focus on leveling your captains (towards one 19-point captain for every nation you like playing), not grinding down tech trees.

WG likes encouraging us to collect a large number of ships. However, if you are lured into this, you will find yourself like me in my early days, having a lot of ships and all of them with a weak 6- to 9-point captain. It's daunting to face an opponent who specialize in a strong ship with a 19-point captain. Therefore, use https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/ to review the stats and pick a strong ship, specialize in it, and level up the captain first. Don't be distracted by the easily grindable tech tree and the daily +50 xp per ship reward. That reward is pathetic for distracting you from specializing in the ships you should.


At last, there is no material benefit for you to rush down to the high tiers, but plenty of material benefits for WG. The exorbitant credit cost of high tiers means WG can reap your $$$ from your wallet. Focus on improving your skills and leveling up captains and this game can be plenty of fun at any tier.

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You do give good advice and I will keep them in mind ( I am still a green in this game). But I would say, from being into the grinding, that its at tier 7 that you should stay for improving your skill. Why? Tier 8 is for now the worst spot to be. Not only you are some 40% of the time bottom tier, but at this tier you face more radar than ever, and Radar are probably the biggest game changer. After tier 8, you basically always face the same kind of ships and the same kind of player, making progressing more a case of ''game easier vs economy harder''.

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