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Seriously WG... why are you turning away easy money.

Players have been clamoring for a Tier 7 West Virginia refit since launch.

There’s a gaping hole for a Tier 7 premium U.S. BB.

Just charge a bunch of money for it and be happy.

Or better yet... make buying the “Maryland” unlock a mission that allows you to buy the West Virginia.  Double dip!!

Give us the Tier 7 refit!


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Yeah, a nice T7 US BB would be pretty dope.  5"/38s all over, 16 inch guns, decent AA, good armor, yes please. 


T6 is boned by T8 and T8 is boned by T10......T7 seems to be in a good spot, must be why we cant have a good T7 USN ship.  If it would invalidate the Colorado, well, I guess its time to buff the CO.

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