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Kiev — Soviet Tier VIII destroyer.

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Kiev — Soviet Tier VIII destroyer.

The design for a destroyer flotilla leader, created under the "Big Fleet" program (Project 48). The ship was developed from the first Soviet Leningrad-class destroyer leaders. Among ships of the same type, she boasted powerful armament and a very high speed.

This topic is the starting point for discussing this type of destroyers.
When a full-fledged guide appears, this topic will be replaced.

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Why does this heap of slag even exist given Akizuki exists at the same tier?

Akizuki with 25mm base HE pen, superior range, laughably better ROF, better camo, better torpedoes, and its inability to eat full pens from battleships can be said to be objectively superior to the Khabarovsk (yeah, the Tier 10!) in enough criteria to matter. Yet this pathetic thing two tiers down from the Khab is expected to be equal to the Akizuki.

Yeah right...

Kiev's line has NOTHING to offer these days given the Akizuki-Kitakaze-Harugumo abomination trio exist.

Everything a Kiev can do, an Akizuki can do better.

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