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Queen Elizabeth — British Tier VI battleship.

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Queen Elizabeth — British Tier VI battleship.

An excellent design, the Queen Elizabeth class of battleships served with distinction through both world wars. They were, in many ways, the first modern battleships deployed by any navy.

This topic is the starting point for discussing this type of battleships.
When a full-fledged guide appears, this topic will be replaced.

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An excellent design. WIth a top-of-the line modernisation.

I really, really want to play this ship.

For me, I find her unplayable with old Warspite turret traverse, and worse ruddershift.

Can't shoot. Can't dodge. Can't run.

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Queen Elisabeth is a fun boat!  I absolutely loved playing her.

If you do not have Warspite, then QE is definitely worth it. Of course Warspite is better than QE in pratically every way, but that is why QE is a tech tree ship that can be gotten virtuously for free while Warspite is a premium that costs a lot of doubloons. 

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Really drains your soul doesn’t she? QE is not bad, she can get through armor ok, and she is difficult to sink. She is just super cumbersome and you need to dump quite abit into that turret traverse so her gunners can seem drunk.

Its like entering a sword fight with a hammer, you can 100% dominate but that hammer is unwieldy compared to that sword.

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