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Emerald — British Tier V cruiser.

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Emerald — British Tier V cruiser.

The most advanced British light cruiser among those designed during World War I. The ship's powerful propulsion allowed for high speeds. Her larger displacement helped strengthen the cruiser's artillery and torpedo armament as well as equip her with aircraft-handling gear.

This topic is the starting point for discussing this type of cruisers.
When a full-fledged guide appears, this topic will be replaced.

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On 9/6/2018 at 7:15 AM, turbo07 said:

The most advanced British light cruiser among those designed during World War I.

Unfortunately that's a lot of the problem.

Emerald is one of the oldest T5 cruisers, lain down about 5 months before Omaha in 1918, to a development of an even older design. Emerald is then pitted against ships which have far more modern features and are simply more modern including the Kirov class, lain down in 1935 - some 17 years later. Her old features include single open gun mounts distributed down the hull, a lack of turrets and huge size for her firepower.

In game she is deficient both in protection and in firepower. A large citadel and 76mm belt offer poor protection, and despite a repair party her Achilles heel is rather silly:


A large expanse of her citadel goes right up to the weather deck level, and is roofed with only 25mm of armor. In sections where there's superstructure this is less of a problem as the superstructure absorbs HE impacts and at least prevents citadels. In the amidships-aft section however she is terrifyingly vulnerable to IFHE equipped 120mm guns and bigger, and to 203mm guns as irrespective of angling HE hits in this section will produce citadels - doing both 3x the damage and being likely to knock out her engines and force use of a repair party.

In firepower Emerald has a poor arrangement of guns, in particular with poor bow-on firepower (GM3D):


This means unless you show 50' of angle you operate with less than full firepower, while in a narrow central window you have only 2 guns able to bear. Given a cruiser role is to both chase destroyers and kite from larger ships she does very poorly.

Another problem is the way her guns work. Emerald completely lacks HE shells and is thus entirely dependent on direct damage from her AP and opportunistic torpedo attacks. Despite the RN characteristics of nice bounce angles and short fuses the Emerald's AP performance is terrible (wowsft):


Emerald as a T5 sees mostly relatively thinly armored cruisers with 76mm belts, belts her AP cannot penetrate at ranges above 10km if flat broadside, and even shorter even at slight angles. In terms of time to target the shells are also lackluster despite high MV, coming out behind the Leander.

When it comes to damaging battleships Emerald sees lots of ships with distributed armor schemes and large expanses of 150-200mm armor, often all the way to the deck, combined with small superstructures. Against such targets her AP simply lacks the penetration to damage them in the casemate, if she can get guns on target, and if she can land hits. At near max range her 47mm of penetration won't go through 25mm plate angled more than 60' (effective 50mm thick) altogether, obviating her angle advantage.

When it comes to damaging destroyers Emerald has poor ballistics to hit them, AP only which is still autobounced by T6+ destroyers and generally operates well only under very favorable conditions - point blank ambushes, but not point-blank enough to eat torpedoes in return as with a 670m turning radius and 10s rudder shift she's hardly handy on the helm.


How should you play Emerald? Her torpedo and concealment buffs have helped but my impression is that the core style hasn't changed. You have to exploit your smoke and repair to fight from advantageous positions, avoid major damage and use the repair to stay in the fight longer. Ambushing around islands with her heavy torpedo armament is also a bold, and high risk strategy with potentially large rewards. Her guns are best against broadsiding destroyers, broadsiding cruisers at close range and battleships in that priority order. If you want more than that then @ValkyrWarframe is the sole person I've ever seen be positive about the Emerald.


I would honestly like to see Emerald turned into a T5 premium with 10km torps as a fun torpedoboat unlike anything we've yet seen. In her place I'd much rather see an Arethusa class ship, a cut-down 6-gun version of the Leander. That would provide -

  • No more 25mm citadel armor section
  • Better concealment (Huanghe 9.54km, Emerald 10.18km)
  • Better gun penetration and ballistics (see above)
  • Better gun concentration with 4-forward firing rifles
  • Better AA
  • Lower HP (24,100 vs. 27,100)

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Good points.  However standard WG practice is to make things worse, not better.  You can expect to see a nerf coming.


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This pile of garbage is the worst ship in the game.

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