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Missouri and the World's money.

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So, I saw this quote from @Uber_Ghost and decided to go poke a little to take a look.


While this was made in Jest, let’s take a look and see how badly the Missouri has screwed the World’s economy.

The total cost of Iowa in WoWs is 27.4million credits. In 1939, she was bought for ~100 million USD (unadjusted).


On a separate note, the Missouri is quoted in Wikipedia with her weight average throughout the war.


A little disrespectful, perhaps, but closing an eye it feels like WWII here is just the “Mean War”, multiple countries just being really, really mean to each other. Probably toppling the garbage at their doorsteps or something. *snort*


Thus, Credit:Dollar is 1:3.6496350365. One of your Credits is $3.64. Heheh.

Accounting for inflation, 1939 Dollars to 2018 Dollars, 1:17.61 You rake in ~$64.10 per every credit you earn in game. :P


An Average game in the Missouri could be estimated to bring in, say, 400,000 credits, without Modifiers.

Thus, the Average game would rake in x3.649635= $1,459,854

In today’s money, that would be x17.61= $25,708,028.94.

In other words: 25.7 Million dollars.


But wait! There’s more!


An average game in the Missouri with all possible non-superrare credit bonuses (Premium time 50%, Camos 20%, Wyvern 50%, Zulu 20%),  400,000x1.5x1.5x1.2x1.2= 1,296,000

Average game monetary earnings= x3.649635 =4,729,926.96

Adjustments for inflation, x17.61 = 83,294,013.7656

Or: 83.3 Million Dollars.


Let’s keep going.

The best credit earnings in the Misery would be ~3,500,000 credits.

Monetary Earnings, x3.649635 would equal $12,773,722.5

Adjustments for inflation= x17.61 =$224,945,253.225

Or $224.9 million Dollars.


We ain’t done.


As of the writing of this report, 5 September 2018, 1 761 550 battles have been played in Missouri.

The average number of battles a day would be /637 (From 7 December 2016 to 5 September 2018) = 2,765.3846.

Let’s assume, with all Modifiers, the average game in Mo would rake in 500,000 credits.

Credit earnings per day =500,000x2,765.3846 =1,382,692,300

Money earnt/day = x3.649635 x17.61 =$88,865,734,158.787

That’s $88.8 Billion dollars a day. At this rate, we are actually raking in half as much as the state Iowa does in a year ($157.7 Billion) and about a quarter that Missouri does in a year ($263.1 Billion)

Money earnt per year, x365, = $32,435,992,967,957.00

That is $32.43 Trillion dollars. The US raked in $18.57 Trillion in a year.


Credit earnings totalled, would be 500,000×1 761 550 battles, =880,775,000,000.00

Earnings in today's money, x3.649635 x17.61, =$56,607,472,974,071.00

That’s $56.6 Trillion dollars that Missouri players raked in since they began playing. The world raked in 78.28 Trillion in a year: we have earnt about 72% of that.


In short: The Missouri, having shafted the DDs already, has also shafted the World’s economy alone.

God damn you, Misery.



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Still waiting to see the battle results of a Missouri match when all potential (including the new special flags) credit modifiers are applied.  Something tells me 4 million credits may be achievable in a really good game.

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21 minutes ago, jmanII said:

Interesting....glad I have the Mo already!

I have one too, just can't stand to play it.




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1 hour ago, Thornir said:

I have one too, just can't stand to play it.




Thank god I can't stand to play or play against DD's!

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Wow...that is something...my head hurts trying to wrap my mind around that number. On one hand I wish I had one....but I know she just doesn't fit my play style...but dang...

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