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Killing a Bismarck with Cleveland secondaries, lol.    Wasn't even intentional- I was just furiously wasd-ing to avoid being smushed, and outran my turrets.   My fire had him down low and POW! one of my secondary gunners sobered up long enough to do his job.   Only reason I ended up that close to him was that we were down on points big time, and held no caps- so I stuck it out to get us a cap.   The ribbon popped just as he sailed into view around an island 10 km away.   I figured I was a dead duck!   Also killed one of their Gearings.

  I hadn't even untended to play Random, I just hit the wrong button (continue mission), and got into an insta-match.  So no flags, consumables or anything.   We ended up winning a fun as hell squeaker by points at the last second.  Down to Fletcher and Mass vs Iowa on the red team.   I came in 4th.  Not bad for an OH SHIP! game in a ship I haven't played in weeks.

  I just figured I'd share that delicious irony with you all, lol.

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