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Proposal to 'fix' the ahistorical Novik 'B' hull

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Hi everyone,

There are several ships in game with non-historical hull upgrades. These are seemingly Wargaming's effort to make ships better as they gain XP because there weren't a lot of options.

Take for one example, the Tier 2 Russian protected cruiser Novik. The 'B' hull upgrade on this ship sees a minor increase in hit points and maneuverability (which is good), but also sees the addition of two non-historical main gun turrets replacing two of the non-functional (in-game) 47mm anti-destroyer guns. Obviously WG felt this ship needed more firepower (admittedly the 120mm guns are pretty bad) and shoehorned the extra main turrets in there to try and make the ship better combat-wise. This really doesn't make a lot of sense when the real Novik never had this option. There are better ways of increasing its effectiveness.....

I'd like to propose returning the ships with non-historical upgrades back to their historical configurations but increase their combat capabilities through 'hidden' improvements. What I mean by this is non- visible, but highly effective ways of improving a ship's performance.

Let's use the Novik again. WG was on the right track with increasing the hit points and maneuverability. These simple, invisible improvements to the Novik's basic stats really do help out. But what to do about Novik's damage output? The 120mm guns really struggle to give good DPS. There are several ways to increase this without adding 'fantasy' guns to her hull.  The first thing that comes to mind is an accuracy increase. The Novik is famous in-game for tossing shells all over the place, why not increase the DPS by simply having the guns hit their target more often? A quick tweak behind the scenes to the accuracy numbers with a 'B' hull upgrade would certainty do that.  Other, less desirable, things would be to increase rate of fire and damage per shell, but now we're changing the core stats of the 120mm guns which should remain the same regardless which hull they are on. Keeping it simple would be best, a modest increase in hit points (over what the 'B' hull has now), an increase in maneuverability (seems about right currently), and an large increase in gun accuracy, would certainly put a 'historical' Novik 'B' hull in good competition with it's compatriots of the same tier.

Following these same guidelines, all other ships' with non-historical upgrades could be corrected simply and easily. One of the biggest draws to playing WoWs is the cool historical ships, why not enhance this appeal with the above suggestion? I mean really, if it weren't for the historically accurate ships, we might as well all be playing the bathtub event boats. :Smile_teethhappy:

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