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Why did I get Premium for one day?

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I think it is on the calendar thingy. Daily stuff.

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Did you notice any games not getting recorded?  Several players (myself included) have noticed games not registering, and immediately after being credited with 1 premium day.

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8 minutes ago, USSRichardNixon said:

I did not think there is any task for that?

 Did you play last Friday ? If so they handed out the day of premium for a goof in the anniversary announcement .


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Posted by Femennenly on Aug 24, 2018 18:39:37 in Announcements

PSA: Anniversary Collection 


Heyo Captains,


Today you were able to start the new collection dedicated to WoWs 3rd anniversary, however, we've found that the rewards are different to what we originally stated they would be.


We announced initially in previous articles ( https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-078-wows-birthday/ and https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/gamestuff/all-about-collections/#new-collection) that for each sub-collection they will get an "Anniversary" Premium container. 


However, on the live server rewards are:
•    10 World of Warships Anniversary expendable camouflages for first sub-collection
•    10 Basilisk signals for second
•    10 Scylla signals for third
•    10 Leviathan signals for last


We can’t change the current rewards as it would require an additional update and disruption to the live server – so we have come up with an alternative solution.

Moving forward we will:
•    Fix our article and put the correct rewards.
•    Compensate all players who logged in or will log in to the game today with one day of premium.


As some players might have already bought Premium Anniversary containers to finish their collection, we will compensate them with 1 additional container per 5 purchased containers, limited to maximum amount of 4 extra containers (so up to 20 containers purchased max).. This will apply until the end of day today (24/08/2018) and is going to be credited by the end of Monday (27/08/2018).


We understand that patch notes are a very important part of our game where we publish the most important information. We try to avoid any mistakes in this publication but unfortunately things slip through the net from time to time. 

We are really sorry for the incorrect information regarding the rewards.
You can get your one day of premium on Monday 27th August after 12:00 UTC from the following links: 



WoWS Team NA,

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