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Suggested Commander Skills for Minotaur?

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Just got my Minotaur after grinding through the Neptune and currently have a 15 point commander with the first 14 spent. Not sure what I should be spending the last 4 or 5 on tho, there's lots of options but just not sure what's best and thought I'd see if anyone here had suggestions.


Current Skills:
Preventative Maintenance
Expert Marksman (Maybe not necessary anymore now that I finally reached the end of the line, would have to wait for a retraining discount tho to change)
Advanced Fire Training
Concealment Expert


Any ideas on where to drop the last few points would be great.  Fire Prevention, Torpedo Reload, Consumable Reload, etc just not sure where to go with it.

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    It honestly depends on your play style. British CLs enjoy some of the most flexible usage and need very few command points to be viable. After your first 10 getting to CE you literally can go anywhere. You can go into more AA if you dislike planes. You can go with RPF if you like to stalk DD. If you do a lot of smoke lurking you can use Smoke Screen Expert (and Vigilance). EM is not really needed in my opinion so you could move that to Jack of All Trades or Adrenaline Rush. There are really no wrong choices for cruisers like that so long as its actually logically useful. Figure out what you want to do or what your play style is and just stick the tools on that make you work better.

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EM is definitely not needed, Mino has very fast turning turrets.  Replace that with Adrenaline Rush for more berzerker fury.  Except for the EM part of your build, you have a good foundation.  To complete it, here's some possible ways to do so:


"I hate Aircraft"

Based off your initial build, add:

Tier 1 PT

Tier 4 Manual AA

Upgrades:  MAM1, DCSM1, AAGM2, SGM2, CSM1, AAGM3

Max AA range (together with your existing AFT and AAGM2 upgrade installed) with killer AA DPS on aircraft focused by your AA due to Manual AA trait.


"I hate Aircraft but I want balance"

Based off your initial build, add:

Tier 1 PT

Tier 2 Jack of All Traits, Smoke Screen Expert

Tier 4 Disregard AFT, get Manual AA

Upgrades:  MAM1, DCSM1, AAGM2, SGM2, CSM1, MBM3

A compromise build.  Intended to have a AAGM2 installed, but without AFT your AA range will be more normal, you won't have the 8.6km AA range.  However, with Manual AA your AA DPS will still be good against aircraft in range.  By discarding AFT it frees up other things to have a more rounded build.  JoAT will lessen the CD of your consumables, and RN CLs are pretty consumables driven.  SSE will make the size of your smoke drop a lot bigger, so you got more room to move around in it.  Of course, if you do Radar, SSE will be unnecessary.  A compromise is reached in AA & Surface Gun performance.  AAGM2 and Manual AA will help you against CVs, but Tier X CVs may plow through.  However, with MBM3, your guns will be shooting fast.


Pure Surface Combat - DD Killer and Radar Minotaur

A rework to look like this.


JoAT and AR

SI and Vigilance

Radio Location and CE

Upgrades:  MAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2, CSM1, MBM3

Consumables:  Change out Smoke for Radar

Max stealth, having Radar, Radio Location, Hydro makes Minotaur every bit as dangerous to Destroyers as Worcester.  Radar, Hydro at the same time for killer DD awareness on the hunt.  Radio Location will give you a good idea where the DD is at and completely removes guess work.  All you do is speed towards the DD, let them spot you, pop Radar.  Since you got RL you already will have your guns swung to where they need to and precious seconds are not wasted swinging them over.  You have better stealth than Worcester and when DDs spot you, they will be 1km deep into your Radar, they're screwed against Mino's fast guns and DD Killing RN CL AP.    Radio Location will also give you warning about a DD or some other ship trying to move off to the flank if they're close enough.  In addition, Vigilance, Hydro will give you tons of early warning against torpedoes.  Not just for your own sake, but spotting them early so teammates can take proper defensive measures and hopefully not get hit.


Pure Surface Combat - Torpeduz

Another rework.

PT and PM

JoAT or SSE, with AR

TAE and SI and Vigilance


Upgrades: MAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2, CSM1, TTM3

Consumables:  Smoke or Radar, your choice.  If you elect to have Radar, SSE trait is of course unnecessary.

Max stealth.  The intent is to heavily feature torpedoes.  You're basically making Minotaur into an oversized Destroyer.


These are just some.  Minotaur is a very flexible Cruiser but the one constant is the get a Stealth Build... Maintain CE + CSM1 + Concealment Camo.  It will save your a$$ numerous times.  There's lots of possibilities due to you wanting a pure surface combat build, or doing an AA Build, some sort of compromise.  Whether you take Smoke or Radar can change things up.  You can even turn her into a valid Torpedo Cruiser.  With 10km torps and 8.9km stealth, it's possible.

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With one of the Dunkirk twins, Smoke Screen Expert in 2nd row might be a nice option since it increases the area ships need to blind fire into. And JoaT is twice as strong.

I`m no expert on the RN CL line. I'm still just at Fiji. But given I have Bert on this ship, I'm thinking of going for this build:

- PT
- AR, JoaT, SSE
- SI
- CE

Not sure what to do with the remaining 5 points as nothing really calls out to me.

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On 10/11/2018 at 5:17 PM, KaptainKaybe said:

Not sure what to do with the remaining 5 points as nothing really calls out to me.

Vigilance is not a bad if you intend on siting in smoke, because "smoke screens are torpedo magnets"
Last Stand - the rudder can become "French" at times on the Edinburgh, when you have to do your "Brave Sir Robbin" impression and "bravely" run away, not sure about Neptune / Minotaur ruder

Radio Location + PM could also be a useful.

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