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Walk The Plank-CB players wanted!

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First and foremost Walk The Plank is  a fun/casual clan and that will not change. The clan is very active and we have a solid base of 40 which is sufficient in the whale department. We're about to hit the 50 player expansion and I'd like a competitive infusion to help take the clan to the next level.

If you're interested in building teams for Clan Battles(or anything competitive really...) please let me know. There are quite a few in our clan that want to play CB but I can't get the stars to align quite right and make it happen. We need competitive players (hopefully 10) to pair with those of us who want to play CB and make it happen

My schedule just doesn't allow for me to make it happen on my own. I would love to have some help in developing the competitive branch of my clan so ALL our players can get a little bit of everything. I don't want to make things mandatory but all new recruits will be brought on with the understanding that they are to help consolidate our competitive players and facilitate the necessary communication. We do have a Discord.

I can't play as often as I'd like but having a competitive boost would ensure there were always players available for CB, which is the primary issue we're having. Essentially I need someone to take charge of the competitive side of things and I'm more than happy to cooperate and listen to suggestions as our clan is completely NOOB at CBs. We have many solid, active, willing players, we just need someone to help herd that cats so-to-speak ;)

I'm looking forward to collaborating with better/more experienced players, so if you're burnt out and tired of your current clan, want a new challenge, a change of pace, or are looking to lead things yourself here's your chance.

I'm happy for any advice. Smooth sailing everyone :)

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