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Odd bug...credited for a Dev Strike I never achieved

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Just had a battle in the Monarch that I got 1 kill on a DD & it took me at least 4 maybe 5 volleys for 7 hits to get him down to 45 HP where my 2ndaries finally took him out. I got credit for the Close Quarters Expert but he was my only kill & I also got credited for a Dev Strike.



Not sure where that came from. Obviously not a problem...just pointing it out so it can be looked into if you all wish to.

Here's the replay: 20180825_164402_PBSB108-Monarch_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay

Wasn't a spectacular battle as I spawned far east & majority of reds went west & my team kinda steamrolled them (we only lost 3 ships) b4 I could get into range of much anything (& then I just kept running into an island after DD showed up trying to avoid possible torps which fortunately kept me at good angles to him but pretty much out of the rest of the battle).


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A dev strike occurs when you kill a ship whilst dealing at least 50% of its total HP in a single salvo. 

EDIT: The definition is actually a little loose, because it's possible to earn the achievement with multiple salvos or multiple munition types as long as the 50% damage elapsed in a short time period. 

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