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Sea Story Saturday - Epic Battles

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Is there an epic sea story from your Random, Ranked, or Clan battles you have to share with your fleet?

Sea stories are a long standing naval tradition where experiences shared with others during battle on the high seas build camaraderie and a sense of bonding.

They are also used to help motivate crews of other ships, or new shipmates, by sharing epic tales of sending tonnage to bottom of the sea.

The picture above is a battle I had in my Des Moines where I was able to provide good gunfire support while taking down a destroyer and cruiser in the process.

Do you have an epic sea story to share with the Fleet? And if so, do you have a post-battle summary screen to share? (just the first screen please!)

"One hundred rounds do not constitute firepower. One hit constitutes firepower." - Merritt Edson, US Marine Corps



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Tbh: there wasn't much of a team. Most died very early. One reason was the 1st ranker Div on the other side made out of a Clemson, a ImpNiko and a Ishizuchi. Plus their carrier was a experienced seal clubber. Anyway, we got half of the caps but were about 300 points plus 4 ships behind and only 8 minutes to go. After killing their Kamikaze and Phoenix early I just thought: the hell, let's earn some credits at least. Killed another DD (their Clemson went AFK), found their CV and dispatched him. I used my stealth to send a wall of skills into the ImpNiko and still 40 points behind. 1 1/2 minutes to go, only a CV without planes on my team left, I see their NY on the way to a cap near me. He went behind island. 45 seconds left I launched my torps in hoped he will a) sail with the same speed and b) the same direction. He did me the favor and had no chance to evade my torps the moment he spot them, coming from behind the island. All hit, 5 seconds before we lost the battle the NY was blown apart. Catching victory from the jaws of defeat in the last moment. At least the enemy gave some karma.

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This was my second game in the Montana. After a long and hard grind down the American BB line, it felt refreshing to finally see Big Sky Country. My first game was solid as it was, about 100-something-K damage, which was enough to convince me of her potential. First impressions are important to me in a ship, and Montana had made a good one. So, alongside [CUTER]'s FLChaos, whom I knew from a mutual friend, I set out for round 2 and ended up on Mountain Range. Chaos was in voice comms, providing advice and warning me if I was making a mistake. The enemy made more.

One of the enemy team recognized me, a member of... I believe it was [TASH] or [KENT]. But he was in a Worcester, and outright dreaded me because apparently, every time I showed up, he had a really bad day. That sinking feeling he had turned out to be well-founded, because the enemy kept giving me broadside because Chaos proved to be the more interesting target, allowing me to score some rather brutal shots into their citadels. I sunk them. I sunk them all, including a blind snap shot on that aforementioned Worcester that finished him off. Chaos had gone down, but the western flank was ours.

It was around then that someone from my team was like "push up! We need to kill stuff!", just as I blew up an angled Missouri, as if to prove his point. "Like that!", the guy said. It was at that moment that my team noticed that I had scored a Kraken and was tearing the enemy to shreds. A Khabarovsk tried to harass me, and I hate those things. Unfortunately for him, he was at under 10km, and 50mm of belt is suffice to arm 16" Super-Heavies. He went down in short order as he tried to bail, and somewhere I also whacked a Chapayev that was also trying to burn me to a crisp. Shortly after, I nailed another DD, a Shimakaze, I believe, that clutched the win. Only two enemy ships were left, and had we not won on points, I suspect I would have gotten them, too.

My team was cheering me on all the while, impressed at my rampage all while I laughed and laughed at the shiny ribbons and medals that rained down. A strong first impression was followed up by an even stronger second. Big Sky scored me some big numbers, and I knew I was going to love this thing. Also, it was my birthday that day, so this could count as quite a present.


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