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Decisions, decisions...about the Salem and Harugumo

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Salem: I'm closing in to the 180k coal I need (including the coupon for ships). From the point of a collector: yeah I wanne have her. But: there are new ships in the pipeline and I have a DM include a premium camo thanks to the GO Navy! event. There isn't a real need fo the ship besides using her as a trainer. And even this isn't needed, I have a good share of 17-19 point captains. Also: most player that have a DM say she is rather meh.

Harugumo: I'm about 100k XP away from her. I have nearly 400k freeXP and tempted to use them to finish my T10 collection. I would need more flags and camos to shorten the grind. On the other hand: she isn't a bad ship, I think I can take it. Also: we don't know if the upcomming ships are for free XP or coal.

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Regarding Salem, I would definitely wait. We still don't know the next ship to be available for coal, at the moment possible candidates could be Alaska, Jean Bart and Bourgogne (a tier X Alsace with Main Battery  Reload Booster).

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