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Captain skills for t10 ranked

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Very broad question. After clan one of my clan mates told me he respeced ships for clan and ranked. Specifically he ditches aft for rfd. 

So under each class your opinion of critical skill or modules for ranked outside of random. 


I only run ce on dds in random. Thinking of adding rfd and ditching bft and pt. I only have USN and RoC dds and skill 3 Lv will have SE and TAE 

ls and ar and pm also


changing aft to rdf. Other than that ca are pretty similar pt, ar, em, si and de. 

Mino and dm both run JoaT over ar and mino no em. 


no changes per se....... maybe republic run ce aft and manual secondaries but Montana ce, aft, si, bft, ar, em and pt

love to hear you thoughts on mods and capt skills

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Without free captain respec I would go broke. The ship gets the captain that it has.

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The most important skill to have is the ability to recognize that T10 ranked battles are cancerous and to not play it. I played a few and every single one was a landslide victory for one side, I may play again in a few days but for now Ive had enough of that rubbish.

The second most important skill to have is understanding that taking a Lexington into ranked battles is wrong, its easily the weakest T8 CV despite its AP bombs. Unless you are VERY good in a CV.....just dont.

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With the legendary smoke module for Mino, I run Cpt. Dunkirk and get the JoT and Smoke Expert at T2 Captain skills. So effective for concealing an entire team. Plus with only 1 or 2 radars on an enemy team (sometimes none) it is so useful if you can play around them.

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